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#256 from Unknown, submitted on 19 May 2010 by Anonymous
<Rymdkejsaren> SeismicEdit: User was panned for this toast.
<Kurpitsa> there was a similiar ban before too
<Rymdkejsaren> be careful what you toast in the blc forums, or you may get panned
#257 from #bakabt, submitted on 21 May 2010 by IX
<maskedforever> i have finally reached nirvana!
<maskedforever> XD
<@kureshii> maskedforever: the fact that you're here suggests that is unlikely though
#258 from #rsbot, submitted on 21 May 2010 by Anonymous
<maus> rs bot is currently outdated please wait patiently for a new version says me bot ... what to do??
#259 from #bakabt, submitted on 22 May 2010 by Mirgond
<jasper> windex: The tape library is backed up by whatever it's backing up
<jasper> but some sites do apparently use replication to offsite NAS and tehn tape-backup for *that*.
<jasper> ie, triple redundancy over multiple sites.
<raylu> i just cross my fingers and hope my HDD doesn't die
<jasper> which, ya know, best practice and all, especialyl once you get into the *really* "if this data is lost we are bankrupt" stuff like customer databases
<ziandra> d2d2t (disk to disk to tape) is very common these days. You get the data off your main systems at network speeds then have a secondary server feeding the tape drives.
<raylu> for redundancy, i cross fingers on both hands
<Mirgond> lol
#260 from #bakabt, submitted on 24 May 2010 by raylu
<FragKrag> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9CxhcN4e4o this is too amazing
<raylu[BOT]> FragKrag's video: Untan untan untan~! 10 minutes of Yui うんたん!, 10:01
<FragKrag> oops wrong vidoe
#261 from #Animebyt.es, submitted on 26 May 2010 by Falgern
<Neko_san> Trying to convert me into furries, Falgern =o ?
<Falgern> Neko_san, They are nekomimis.. not furreh's
<Neko_san> Nekomimis, inumimis, furries, all the same. I'm already loving them <3
#262 from #animebyt.es, submitted on 30 May 2010 by Southrop
* Chibi_Ammy tries to imagine an internet where everyone spells correctly...
<flat> You're a man of strange fetishes.
#263 from BakaBT Sekrit Staff Hideout, submitted on 30 May 2010 by Southrop
* &Force wants a bakabt tshirt.. xD
<@Southrop> Oh shit. BakaBT t-shirt would be awesome
<@Southrop> I would totally wear it
<~Jarudin> to convetions? :D
<@Southrop> to school~
<~Jarudin> cool
<@Southrop> I wonder if I should just go make one
<~Jarudin> I've been looking for a shop that will sell t-shirts and also mail them worldwide
<@Southrop> we can use the FML shop
<@Southrop> Today, BakaBT. FML
<@Southrop> xD
<&dubkatz> (lol)
<~Jarudin> heh
<&Force> Jarudin: and found something?
<@Nazo> http://www.threadless.com/
<&dubkatz> i brought t-shirt online before from threadless.com
<&dubkatz> yeah threadless >.>
* &dubkatz bites Nazo
<@Nazo> (dubkatz):
<@Nazo> ... D:
<@Southrop> http://www.cafepress.com.au/
<@Southrop> We can make BakaBT mugs~
<@Southrop> BakaBT underwear~
<@Southrop> BakaBT sweatshirts and hoodies~
<&dubkatz> and it might be cheap shipping for me~
<@Southrop> BakaBT caps and bags~
<@Southrop> I recall it was possible to make custom thongs too~
<~Jarudin> http://www.threadless.com/submit
<~Jarudin> not gonna work I think
<@Southrop> Cafepress works better imo
<@Southrop> you essentially create your own "shop"
<&Force> and then let user just buy it their, sounds simple ;p
<@Southrop> oh shit
<@Southrop> BakaBT teddy bear!
<@Southrop> BakaBT mousepad~
<@Southrop> haha, it would be possible to live a BakaBT lifestyle~
<&Force> hehehe
<&Force> TvT also does that i think
<@Southrop> any objections to me creating a BakaBT account to test things out?
<@kureshii> @Southrop> We can make BakaBT mugs~ <-- BakaBT dakimakura IMO
<@kureshii> we could put xiong's pic on it or something
<@Southrop> XD
<@Southrop> WIN IDEA
#264 from #eth24, submitted on 31 May 2010 by raylu
<newb> hi
<raylu> YOUR MOM
<Xenolithic> My mom is awesome.
<DimeCadmium> my mom is fat.
<DimeCadmium> =]
<Xenolithic> Well, mine too, but she's still awesome.
#265 from #Lolisandstuff, submitted on 31 May 2010 by Falgern
<Falgern> Southrop, buy this for me http://i47.tinypic.com/1zfh9p1.jpg
<Falgern> ^-^
<Southrop> buy you a korean beauty? :/
<Southrop> BUT I WANT ONE TOO D:
<Falgern> D:
<Falgern> Southrop, Buy them in batches!
<Southrop> hurr
<Southrop> Economies of Scale!
<Southrop> Cheaper price in bulk!
<Falgern> It will save you on shipping
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