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#1060 from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 15 Jan 2014 by lbatalha
[Talking about spin the bottle, and possibly adding !spin]
<mib_kj3cif> how the fuck do play? do you spin your fucking laptop lol you people are strange
#1063 from #bakabt, submitted on 21 Jan 2014 by raylu
<ALAKTORN> the one about the father being a schoolgirl?
<ALAKTORN> or something
<ALAKTORN> becoming
<SeventyX7> No.
<SeventyX7> It's the one about a 30 yr old guy becoming a loli.
#1064 from chaos-staff, submitted on 22 Jan 2014 by Anonymous
<IX> Someone wanted to buy a computer from me under some strange circumstances.
<kureshii> haha
<IX> His ex-girlfriend is demanding that he give his computer to her.
<kureshii> someone you know?
<IX> yeah, my best friend of 28 years. lol
<kureshii> whoa wut
<kureshii> what does his gf want his computer for?
<IX> to be spiteful
<kureshii> idk if emphasis there should be on "his" or "computer"
<kureshii> ooh
<kureshii> she's picking a bad way to go about it though
<IX> Yeah. lol
<kureshii> can't he, like, put in P4 parts and let her think she's taking the computer?
<IX> that's pretty much what we're going to do
<kureshii> and an old HDD etc
<kureshii> nice
#1066 from Unknown, submitted on 10 Feb 2014 by raylu
<Verkku> Why wasn't I born in the 50's
<troydm> Verkku: u'll be without internetz
<troydm> Verkku: getting bored all da time
<troydm> and den u'll kill yourself
<troydm> so ur born in da right times neechan
<troydm> ur mother is right about it
<troydm> it's time to get waifu
<Verkku> B-but the disco
<troydm> no disco
<troydm> get married biatch
<Verkku> What about Nixon?
#1068 from #ToP, submitted on 13 Feb 2014 by raylu
<Old_mib> how fickle my heart, and how woosy my eyes
<Old_mib> i struggled to find any truth in your lies
* `CloudyOne strikes david down, with the thump of his thighs
* `CloudyOne begins to molest him, ignoring his cries
<Old_mib> nooooooooo
<`CloudyOne> "noooooooo nooooooooo" he'd loudly proclaim
<`CloudyOne> but his overuse of vowels was getting quite lame
<`CloudyOne> there's kids starving in africa, countless in name
<`CloudyOne> and the lack of alphabet soup, he's surely to blame
* `CloudyOne pulls out a cold dew from the fridge
#1083 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 03 Mar 2014 by kurandoinu
lostinmetro: I hear if yhou're a girl and you talk about sex you're SUPER cool.
lostinmetro: My hand smells liike girl...
kurandoinu: Oh god metro
lostinmetro: NOT LIKE THAT
kurandoinu: !!!
kurandoinu: You can't put those two sentences together and not expect me to get that result!
#1085 from #bakabt-staff, submitted on 16 Mar 2014 by Laus-kun
<Raitou> omg is that a sailor fuku?! plz let me sawatte it
#1086 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 17 Mar 2014 by Raito
<mashiroshina> how do i talk in private
<der_richter> you can most likely double click my name
<Chiyachan> "/msg der_richter I see you when you pee"
<der_richter> is you standard download folder your normal mac download folder?
<der_richter> *your
<Raitou> "/msg der_richter It's going to leak, onii-chan"
<der_richter> you are both already too late, faggots
<Duki> lol
#1087 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 19 Mar 2014 by Raito
<Kuyou> ok now to watch for real
<kurandoinu> Make sure to wash your hands after
<Kuyou> I don't fap to everything D:
<kurandoinu> Uh huh
<Rathoriel> just lolis and old men
<Kuyou> :>
<Laus-kun> what's fap?
<Kuyou> *fapfapap*
<kurandoinu> Oh no
<Kuyou> fap*
<kurandoinu> Please no
<kurandoinu> Do NOT give me another reason to call you innocent Laus-kun!
<Laus-kun> Okay. Something tells me I shouldn't have asked.
<Raitou> kuyou
<Raitou> what
<Raitou> u fappin, can i come?
<Raitou> no homo.
<Kuyou> def
<Kuyou> cmon yo
<Raitou> lauskun
<Raitou> seriously
<Akerail> Laus-kun, maybe something related to feynman diagrams!
<Laus-kun> Anyway, I'm gone. I've got chemistry hwk to do
<Raitou> did you just ask "what is fap?"
<Akerail> Laus-kun, shooow
<Akerail> Show the HW
<Niofla> LOL
<Raitou> Laus-kun
<Akerail> want to see it
<Raitou> come with me on skype
<Niofla> Laus-kun, do you really not know?
<kurandoinu> I'm so amused
<Raitou> i'll show you what fapping is
<Niofla> ahahahah
<Raitou> from my webcam
<Kuyou> can i come?
<Raitou> def
<Kuyou> \o/
<Akerail> Kuyou
<Laus-kun> I googled it. And I'm finding this incredibly awkward.
<Akerail> that sentence
<Akerail> was ambiguous
<kurandoinu> Do NOT accept a video call from Raitou
<Niofla> LOL
<Kuyou> I will come :>
<Raitou> you will? ^^
<Akerail> Are you coming Kuyou?
<Raitou> yeah he is.
<Raitou> >:)
<Akerail> cool
<kurandoinu> Anyyyyyway, lets let Laus-kun go do his homework
#1096 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 25 Mar 2014 by kurandoinu
shabutie: Rath, maybe if we go to the beach, if we stare really hard, we can see each other!
kurandoinu: I can feel the love
kurandoinu: There's an anime in this
shabutie: XD
kurandoinu: Shabu'd be all "SENPAI"
shabutie: Two lovers torn apart by a lake
kurandoinu: Then there'd be some "Uguuuuuuuuuuu"
shabutie: "Senpai! If only this lake weren't between us!"
shabutie: "I'd come make you popcorn!"
shabutie: *cries.*
kurandoinu: You'd fail at it though because you're a scatterbrained clutz
kurandoinu: But he'd love you anyway
shabutie: "I know. But I will be moving even further away, to the other side of this state... That's the distance of two lakes."
shabutie: *And now. Two lakes between them. One of water. One of land.*
shabutie: (See Two Lakes Between Them, this summer, in a theater near you
shabutie: XD
shabutie: Uggguuuu
shabutie: Gao gao!
kurandoinu: The scent of burnt popcorn brings tears to their eyes as they remember their summer together
shabutie: Lol
kurandoinu: Raths gone very quiet.
kurandoinu: Have we moved you Rath?
kurandoinu: Are you weeping?
Rathoriel: watching a korean food show on youtube...its making me hungry
kurandoinu: Well you're no fun
shabutie: Lol
shabutie: And I got the title wrong
shabutie: That's not the fad
shabutie: It should be
kurandoinu: He's got to be your little sister
shabutie: "I used to make popcorn for my senpai, but now he moved away and it's like there's two lakes between us now."
Rathoriel: 6'4" little sister with a beard 
kurandoinu: Seriously, you need to get 'my little sister' into that title
kurandoinu: Then its perfect
kurandoinu: We'll call it "Popakes" for short because its edgy and cool
shabutie: Lol
shabutie: Fine
shabutie: "My little sister used to make her senpai popcorn, but then I moved away and now it sometimes feel like there's two lakes between as I'm planning to move further away. Fffuuugguuuuu"
kurandoinu: Ah ha ha ha ha
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