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#1011 from #BakaBT-Support, submitted on 28 Oct 2013 by Motoko11
<owbert> Anyone online?
<Moto-chan> Loads of people
<Moto-chan> Do you require some help?
<owbert> Ah, I kind of found the answer through Google, I think. My uTorrent is stuck on "finding peers" and I believe the reason is because the latest version is not white-listed by Bakabt yet.
<Moto-chan> ;P
<Moto-chan> You got it, ^_^
<owbert> <3
<Southrop> It moves me that there exist people who can use Google
<Southrop> brb weeping tears of happiness
<owbert> On an unrelated topic: Love Bakabt and thank you, y'all
<Southrop> Thanks and you're most welcome!
<Moto-chan> owbert: Teach your peers, spread the word of google, :P
<owbert> haha
<Moto-chan> Anyway owbert, if you require no help, please /part this channel. It was a pleasure assisiting you, ;D
<owbert> Sounds good. Have a good day
<Moto-chan> You too o/
#1014 from #learnprogramming, freenode, submitted on 07 Nov 2013 by raylu
<nickybaby> is this your passion darkf?
<raylu> no, gyros are his passion
<darkf> ^
<darkf> i will have to buy one of those spit roasters and put some lamb on it
<darkf> then i need an oven to bake pita
<darkf> then i need ingredients to make tzatziki sauce
<darkf> then i will open the 666th gyro shop in portland
<darkf> and make an average amount of money after a tiring day of mostly manual labor and fake half-smiles
<nickybaby> LOL
<darkf> but it will be far more enjoyable and fulfilling than writing Java in a cramped cubicle filled with other drones walking around in an air conditioned, fluorescent light-treated jail
<nickybaby> HAHAHAHAHAHA
#1016 from #bakabt, submitted on 09 Nov 2013 by Southrop
<Ipsilon> At the university level, if anyone would have required me to use some kind of MS shit, I would have had a word with them.
<Ipsilon> Thankfully it never happened.
<Oreki> Would you have had a Microsoft Word with them? ;)
#1024 from #BakaBT, submitted on 25 Nov 2013 by Motoko11
<Nodame-chan> i'm coming Rob~~
<Nodame-chan> oh that was reflex xD
<Moto-chan> O.O
<Nodame-chan> i meant to say
<Nodame-chan> i'm coming Moto~~
<Moto-chan> Quote Database time...
#1034 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 28 Nov 2013 by Motoko11
<der_richter> are we talking about masturbating?
<Akerail> oh, der_richter came
#1040 from #bbtmeet, submitted on 03 Dec 2013 by 12laus
<xgraphy> im making madeup animals have incest and dumping them when they have poor stats
<xgraphy> so crude
<Laus-kun> Selective breeding at it's finest...
<Cuan> Despite conventional wisdom, no negative effects occur from inbreeding Pokémon in Generation III onward. ← Only GSC prohibited incest
<xgraphy> heh
#1042 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 07 Dec 2013 by Southrop
* lemonkey1988 (qwebirc@[redacted]) has joined #bakabt-support
<lemonkey1988> *Waves as I come in*
* Duki3003 has quit (*.net *.split)
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* BBT has quit (*.net *.split)
<lemonkey1988> Everyone left o.o
#1050 from #learnprogramming, freenode, submitted on 16 Dec 2013 by raylu
<darkf> i want to play truck sim 2013
<darkf> i am getting really angry watching this chick try to park a trailer truck
<darkf> in a simulator
<darkf> shes taken like 35 minutes
<darkf> she cant park for shit
<raylu> someone is bad at driving trucks on the internet?
<darkf> yes REALLY bad
<darkf> its like she can't physics
<raylu> oh dear.
<darkf> she looks like some real hippie
<darkf> total art major
<darkf> im raging at my screen
<darkf> i am almost screaming at her
<darkf> this is not that difficult
<darkf> ugh she almost has it
<darkf> shes killing me
<darkf> wow
<darkf> she did it crooked and it still took it
<darkf> terrible
<raylu> can you resume your life now?
<darkf> yeah my life is better now
#1056 from #learnprogramming, freenode, submitted on 10 Jan 2014 by raylu
<darkf> people are occupying me like I'm Wall Street.
#1059 from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 15 Jan 2014 by lbatalha
* Nubmer6 suspect that Floopie has not yet discovered the magic of tab completion
* lbatalha suspects with Nubmer6
*** Quits: Floopie (cgiirc@Rizon-B3CE18F4.karoo.kcom.com) (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
<Nubmer6> And by extension, has not discovered the horror of tab fail
*** Joins: Floopie (cgiirc@Rizon-B3CE18F4.karoo.kcom.com)
<Floopie> darn u
<Floopie> backspaced...
* Nubmer6 points and laughs at Floopie
<Floopie> so the tab what?!
<Nubmer6> Floopie... tab completion is your friend
<Floopie> how do i do that?
<lbatalha> you tab
<Nubmer6> Type Nub<TAB>
<Floopie> TAB
<Nubmer6> ...
<lbatalha> ...
<Floopie> <TAB>
<Floopie> lolz
<lbatalha> ......
<Nubmer6> NUB then the tap key
<Nubmer6> baka.
<Floopie> QQ
<Floopie> i tap the tab
<Floopie> nothing happens
<Nubmer6> sigh
<Nubmer6> ok, nevermind
<lbatalha> welp
<Floopie> nooooo
<Floopie> i feel stupid now >.>
<Floopie> >.>
<Floopie> nub <TAB>
<Floopie> what!
<Floopie> D:
<Nubmer6> Face->desk
<Floopie> :D
<Cold_Slither> every time I see "floopie", I think "floppy boobies"
<lbatalha> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27946174/pics/evangeheadbangfacepalm.gif
<Floopie> j<tab>
<Nubmer6> Cold_Slither: I think "floozie"
<Floopie> cmn<TAB>
<Floopie> noo !
<Floopie> :D
<Nubmer6> Floopie, when I say <tab>, I mean the tab key
<Nubmer6> Not "<tab>"
<Floopie> ok
<Floopie> what next
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