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#890 from #bakabt, submitted on 14 May 2013 by raylu
<Derelicte> i didnt use a reader in particular. it was off a website. but this was a year or two ago, so i dont remember the specifics
<SeventyX7> Online readers fucking suck.
<SeventyX7> Get mangameeya.
<Derelicte> SeventyX7, you're trying to send me down a dark road, huh?
<SeventyX7> A wonderful dark road.
<SeventyX7> Full of magic.
<SeventyX7> And horse sex.
#892 from #bakabt, submitted on 13 Jun 2013 by GrygrFlzr
* CarlGel will attempt to use windows voice recognition.
<CarlGel> I walk Et (So hi, BakaBT!)
<CarlGel> Or to eat at (Windows voice recognition is pretty bad)
<CarlGel> Our old sheet are on she are and she agreed to our old sheet or on she orange you are or should you are and she orange he agree you or I you orange you are sure you are a R du you orange you are sure or a Torretta or Orrick sure
<CarlGel> ...
<CarlGel> I give p
* CarlGel tableflips and gives up on it.
#896 from #bakabt, submitted on 16 Jul 2013 by GrygrFlzr
<v^> don't click or read anything Reza posts
<GrygrFlzr> lel
<v^> if you know what's good for you.
<v^> I'm not even joking.
<GrygrFlzr> v^: I'm aware ._.
<GrygrFlzr> wait
<GrygrFlzr> WAIT
<GrygrFlzr> SEVERANCE?!??!?!?
<v^> what
* v^ is now known as severance
<severance> GrygrFlzr you called
<GrygrFlzr> Welcome back =_=
<severance> thanks ^_^
#902 from bakabt, submitted on 27 Jul 2013 by kureshii
<@Motoko11> kureshii: Every time you say AV I always immediately think of Japanese AV, xD It's not even funny. xD
#908 from #chaos-staff (Hangout), submitted on 31 Jul 2013 by kureshii
<kureshii> hmm, you can't really use hangout as an IM transitive verb
<kureshii> you can skype someone, or whatsapp them, or SMS them, iMsg them, etc
<kureshii> but you can't hangout them :P
<southrop> lol
<southrop> you can hang them out :D
<kureshii> although if you hang them out...
<kureshii> \o
<southrop> o/
#914 from #esc, coldfront, submitted on 07 Aug 2013 by raylu
-!- calatalee [Mibbit@726B421A.EAA9832B.D40F973D.IP] has joined #esc
<calatalee> hello, anyone here?
<calatalee> I have an important question to ask
<Artefact2> calatalee: /topic
<calatalee> Artefact2: oh I'm so glad you're here to help
<calatalee> I need to know, if you spin an Oriental person around several times, do they become disoriented?
-!- calatalee [Mibbit@726B421A.EAA9832B.D40F973D.IP] has quit [Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client]
<Artefact2> someone please zap the last 5 minutes of my memories from my brain
#923 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 30 Aug 2013 by Motoko11
<Nodame-chan> >_>
<Nodame-chan> i dont have pics like that
<Nodame-chan> >_>
<lostinmetro> sure you do
<lostinmetro> You just don't know.
<Chiyachan> Looked webcam quality.
<lostinmetro> I mean
<Nodame-chan> ................
<Nodame-chan> i dont webcome!
<Nodame-chan> ah fucl
<Nodame-chan> k
<Nodame-chan> lol
<yuri_neko> I wonder
<Nodame-chan> webcam*
<yuri_neko> haha.
<kurandoinu> Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
<kurandoinu> BEST TYPO EVER
<StriNiX> bk
<Nodame-chan> worst typo of my life tho xD
#944 from #bbtmeet, submitted on 10 Sep 2013 by Southrop
<@xgraphy> cuan
<Cuan> Yes.
<Cuan> Speak your mind.
<@xgraphy> I'm tipsy, so no
<+kurandoinu> lol
<Cuan> Oh, so it was just you shouting my name cause you think of me.
<@xgraphy> yeah
#987 from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 15 Oct 2013 by Anonymous
BulletwithButterflyWings has joined #anime-planet.com
<BulletwithButterflyWings> hello???
<petrovich> hi??????????????????????????????????
<BulletwithButterflyWings> hi
<BulletwithButterflyWings> isn't there more ppl
<petrovich> yes, there are currently 88 users in this room
<BulletwithButterflyWings> then wtf aren't any of them talking
<petrovich> because not everyone joins a room to TALK ALL THE TIME
<petrovich> and people have lives, they GO AFK and HAVE TO DO STUFF
<petrovich> not INTERNET 24/7/365
<BulletwithButterflyWings> ik that but only one person besides me is talking and that's u buddy
<BulletwithButterflyWings> and jesus person hi nice too see u have a 9 foot pole uyp ur ass would u like to be a decent human being and try that again
<BulletwithButterflyWings> a normal greeting is hi how are u my name is such and such
<BulletwithButterflyWings> and u are
<BulletwithButterflyWings> nice to meet u mr chokeondick
BulletwithButterflyWings has quit []
#998 from #bbtmeet, submitted on 26 Oct 2013 by Motoko11
<der_richter> it's not like i want him here <.<
<Chiyachan> Awh, how tsundere.
* Moto-chan pats richter, the little tsun tsun
<Chiyachan> Richter and Moto sitting in a tree.. Moto being hit con-tin-ous-ly.
<der_richter> baka baka baka
<der_richter> urusai!
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