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#475 from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 22 Dec 2010 by LeB_Blood
<cutiepie> how r ya
<fuggedaboutit> ok, u?
<cutiepie> ive got a virus at the moment
<fuggedaboutit> D:
<Rezagrats> Use AVG
<fuggedaboutit> what kind?
<cutiepie> tonsolitus
<Rezagrats> Sounds like Norton.
#476 from #ahk, submitted on 22 Dec 2010 by ChalamiuS
<Uberi> yeah, was a PITA to add for mine :)
<NameLess-js> pita?
<purloinedkey> Dunno, I dislike abbreviations
<purloinedkey> TLAs PMO
<+ChalamiuS> purloinedkey: against txttlk are we? :3
»» ChalamiuS for one, is
<Uberi> pita isn't an abbreviation, though
<+ChalamiuS> Indeed, it's a bread :3
<purloinedkey> see
<Uberi> a delicious one at that :)
<+ChalamiuS> Mhm
#481 from Hecate dev chan, submitted on 24 Dec 2010 by ChalamiuS
<&AltaDeSaxa> perhaps it's allright to keep it all in one directory
<&AltaDeSaxa> maybe a header.py with all imports in there?
<&AltaDeSaxa> or doesn't it work that way?
<&ChalamiuS> I have no idea
<&ChalamiuS> I'm learning python as we go :P
<&AltaDeSaxa> as am I
#482 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 25 Dec 2010 by Southrop
<LoN> guys, how long is the freeleech period going to last?
<Duki> A few more minutes
<LoN> how many?
<newy> It started today and ends yesterday
<LoN> damn
<LoN> thanks
<LoN> off to leech
#493 from #SQLite, submitted on 30 Dec 2010 by TodWulff
<exarkun> It's obvious after about 10 seconds of reading that your complaints are baseless.
<iNDiG> and only virtual table seems to support FTS indexes
<iSteve> exarkun: Considering his amusing complaints on autoincrement, that hardly comes as a surprise :)
<iNDiG> which is of no use
<iNDiG> So tell me now, are my complaints baseless?
<iSteve> You know, I really don't care anymore.
<iSteve> Good night.
<iNDiG> Wow great. Why do all support chans have to be full of dicks. :/
<iSteve> It's gonna get all better once you leave :)
#494 from (you don't want to know), submitted on 30 Dec 2010 by Arc-sama
<xbubu> I've got questions! ><
<xbubu> What does double leech and half seed means?

<Arc-sama> if you leach 10 gigs ... it would count as if you had downloaded 20
<Arc-sama> and if you had seeded 20 gigs ... it would count as as if you had only seeded 10
<Arc-sama> would you like me to activate that for you?

<xbubu> @.@ still blurr
<xbubu> If i download 10G , it means that i've actually downloaded 20G?

<Duki3003> yes

<xbubu> Isn't that bad? O.o

<Duki3003> means you'd have to seed 4x as much to get 1.0 ratio

<xbubu> So overall, it helps us to raise our ratio in BBT?
<xbubu> In a better way?
<xbubu> Since we can seed more? O.o

<Duki3003> You're not the brightest cookie in the jar, aren't you?
#495 from #bakabt, submitted on 30 Dec 2010 by SailorMewJosh
<Proletar> I'd say it to the loli, that's for sure~
<Proletar> And Nubmer6, nothing says "I love you" as well as a viciously designed and malevolent trap set only for a special person
* Proletar nodnods
<Nubmer6> ...
#502 from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 04 Jan 2011 by Solipsism
<Solipsism> Wow... I now officially know that I have an a-p.com addiction
<Solipsism> I just instinctively went to my a-p page to update it after watching a porn before realizing that I most certainly did not just watch an anime
#503 from #animebyt.es, submitted on 04 Jan 2011 by Solipsism
<ABK> painkiller for feveR? o0
<Solipsism> Most painkillers are also fever reducers
<ish> right.
<Solipsism> Don't ask me how science did that
#504 from BakaBT, submitted on 04 Jan 2011 by Arc-sama
<Rezagrats> Don't sleep
<Rezagrats> The gnomes will kill you!
* Rezagrats twitches
<FrostySleep> I have an anti gnome barrier to protect me
<FrostySleep> and a cat
<Rezagrats> I had a cat once....
<Rezagrats> It slept on my belly whenever it had the chance
<FrostySleep> mine does too
<irrelevnt> i thought it was clowns that kill in a person's sleep
<Rezagrats> I was partially awake one night when i took a deep breath and farted
<Rezagrats> My cat was alarmed like something had just exploded.
<irrelevnt> urf.
<FrostySleep> hehe
<irrelevnt> i was curled up next to a friend of mine under the same blanket, and her cats slept between us.
<Rezagrats> It left my belly for that night. :(
<FrostySleep> I don't blame it
<FrostySleep> it'd have been startled too
<irrelevnt> i rolled over and stretched the blanket and it was like throwing the cats upwards on a trampoline ^^;
<irrelevnt> i didn't 'mean' to, i was mostly asleep when i rolled over
<Rezagrats> Irrelevnt, sleeping next to a female friend always leads to something.
<FrostySleep> not always
* irrelevnt giggles
<irrelevnt> flying pussies
<Rezagrats> ^
<FrostySleep> I once nearly killed mine because I fell asleep with her in my arms
<Rezagrats> Hamsters are the scariest pet ever.
<FrostySleep> and I have a deathgrip in my sleep
<irrelevnt> i miss her now and then. she had dread locks (42 of them, on purpose) and i'd lay on them like a pillow :D
<Rezagrats> My hamster escaped one night
<Rezagrats> And decided to crawl in my bed
<FrostySleep> oh gawd
<irrelevnt> frosty, your girlfriend or your cat?
<FrostySleep> my cat
<Rezagrats> I felt a pitter patter of four tiny feet on my leg and immediately froze.
<FrostySleep> I hope you were wearing something
<irrelevnt> i had cats that'd sleep between my legs on top of the covers, and i couldn't roll over w/out bothering them.
<irrelevnt> which is a pain, since i like to sleep on my side
<Rezagrats> It wasn't until it had reached my face- my eye really- that i realized my hamster had pulled a houdini.
<FrostySleep> heh
<irrelevnt> funny how they go to your face
<Rezagrats> Hamsters licking your eye is something unique.
<irrelevnt> like they wanna say hi or something
<Rezagrats> Irrelevnt, the ass smells too much
<Rezagrats> And your face probably is salty.
<irrelevnt> yes.. yes it does.
<irrelevnt> oh, i thought you mean the hamster arse while it's on your face
<Rezagrats> Have you ever seen a male hasmter?
<Rezagrats> Hamster*
<FrostySleep> HUNG
<irrelevnt> :)
<Rezagrats> Nuts the size of ALMONDS.
<irrelevnt> i think... no i didn't.
<irrelevnt> i usually use this hamster as my avatar, his name's sooty
<Rezagrats> On their tiny body, those fuckers are like oranges on a human.
<FrostySleep> heh
<irrelevnt> i lost the newspaper article, but this guy escaped and found his way into the female hamster cage and had 'relations' with like, 100 of the female hamsters
<irrelevnt> he was found passed out in the cage
<FrostySleep> reminds me of something I read about bats
<FrostySleep> the size of their brains are in an inverse proportion to the size of their genetalia
<Rezagrats> FrostySleep, go to sleep
<Proletar> FrostySleep is a liar
<FrostySleep> or in layspeak, it IS the stupid ones that get more girls
<FrostySleep> RAEG!
<Rezagrats> FrostySleep, go to sleep
* FrostySleep raeges off to bed
* Rezagrats ragefaps off to bed.
<irrelevnt> that's like lambs
<irrelevnt> their testicles are much larger than their brains
<irrelevnt> er, sheep
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