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#392 from #bakabt, submitted on 02 Oct 2010 by raylu
<Spixx|Inanna> chibineko: are you a clone of chiyachan :P?
<chibineko> ...
<chibineko> How dare you
<chibineko> UNTRUE*
<Spixx|Inanna> Well you are not epicly evil but close :P
<chibineko> I not evil!!!!
<ss23> It's okay chibineko <3
#395 from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 06 Oct 2010 by Solipsism
* Nubmer6 flashes his boobs at LeB_Blood
* LeB_Blood pokes them with a sharp knife
* Nubmer6 leaks
<vermi|zZz> Don't! You'll deflate Nubmer6 !
<vermi|zZz> And I don't want to blow him up again :<
<vermi|zZz> Last time I did that, he got mayonnaise on my face
#396 from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 06 Oct 2010 by Solipsism
<Solipsism> Hey wtf
<Solipsism> There's a quote on the QBD submitted under my name, that I did not submit >:|
<Solipsism> You fuckers stop using my name
<LeB_Blood> most of the ones of me i didn't submit, Solipsism
<LeB_Blood> the idea is to let anyone submit them
<Solipsism> No, not a quote of something I said
<Solipsism> It's a quote that says "submitted by solipsism"
<Solipsism> And i didn't submit it
<LeB_Blood> oh
* Solipsism makes an angry face
<LeB_Blood> are you positive?
<Solipsism> Pretty positive, as it's fairly recent and I've been gone for two weeks
<Solipsism> http://www.chalamius.se/quotes/quote.php?id=376
<LeB_Blood> eh i guess it is possible to submit them under someone elses name
<LeB_Blood> but i fail to see the point of that
<LeB_Blood> you could just type annonymos
<Solipsism> I doubt I was even here for it, especially as I just idle in bakabt these days anyway, rarely chat <_<
<Solipsism> Wait a second
<Solipsism> It says right on the quote "You're now known as vermi|fap"
<Solipsism> VERMI
#397 from #ZI, quakenet, submitted on 11 Oct 2010 by raylu
<Clow> its
<Clow> children's day or some shit
<Clow> where children get presents for being fucking assholes
<Clow> I fucking hate children
<Clow> :<
<micronesia> every day is children's day
<Clow> fuck them
<Clow> hm that didnt sound right
#398 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 13 Oct 2010 by ChalamiuS
<+Enzie> Ah quiet... everyone is asleep...
* Enzie dances around like a ballerina.
* Enzie plows into a wall...
<+Enzie> Owie... ;_;
* Enzie rubs nose then continues dancing.
* xiong_chiamiov frowns disapprovingly
* Enzie stops mid-dance and stares at xiong.
* Enzie runs away with his hands hiding his shame.
#399 from Steam, submitted on 15 Oct 2010 by ChalamiuS
ChalamiuS: Someone should explain to me what the fuck you need complex numbers for
LazyBunta: to make more difficult math
LazyBunta: obviously real numbers were insufficient for the task
#400 from #bakabt, submitted on 19 Oct 2010 by IX
<Smushers> how can you guys all like gundams so much like you're in love. It's like naruto except socially acceptable to like amongst people who warch fansubu
<@kureshii> smusher,s not all gundam k
<@kureshii> chigau desho
<@kureshii> UC != all gundam
<Smushers> you still have a boner for other gundammu
<@kureshii> smushers not for the non-UC shows
<@kureshii> i like some of them, but nothing like UC
<Smushers> uc = universal cocks?
<@kureshii> UC is the cock you suck when you've sucked all otehr cocks and find that they suck and want a proper cock to suck
<Path> You are the very soul of eloquence, kureshii
#401 from #vn-meta, submitted on 20 Oct 2010 by raylu
<ghost25> Ambrae, you close to the riots?
<Ambrae|zZz> riots?
<vermi> Ambrae|zZz: all the riots going on everywhere in france.
<Ambrae|zZz> what are you talking about?
<ghost25> the retirement riots Ambrae
<vermi> In literally EVERY city
<Ambrae|zZz> raise it by how much?
<vermi> students and workers are striking and rioting against Sarkozy's retirement plan changes
<vermi> 2 years, Ambrae|zZz
<vermi> literally the entire country is in turmoil, Ambrae|zZz
<vermi> how do you not notice
<Ambrae|zZz> Dunno I was watching anime lol
#406 from chaos' staff channel, submitted on 26 Oct 2010 by ChalamiuS
<+kureshii> the most powerful force in the universe isn't the strong force
<+kureshii> the most ubiquitous, most powerful and most unstoppable force is the stupid force
<+kureshii> it fills every nook and cranny that isn't alreayd filled by energy or matter (energy packets)
<+kureshii> which pretty much means the human body is made up of 99.999999999999999% stupid
<+kureshii> how we managed to accomplish what little we did as a race, is beyond me
<+kureshii> but it sure explains how we ended up in such a fucked up state
<+kureshii> this means we need a bible rewrite though
<+kureshii> in the beginning, there wasn't nothing
<+kureshii> there was only stupid
#407 from #vn-meta, submitted on 26 Oct 2010 by Anonymous
<~vermi> I know there are probably a dozen Mexican places around your place.
<+DreamTactix291> i don't like mexican food
<+DreamTactix291> does horrible things to me
<~vermi> you're being too picky.
<+DreamTactix291> so does most food
<~vermi> just deal with the diarrhea.
<~vermi> that's what men do.
<~vermi> we eat, we shit, we get on with life.
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