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#285 from #sekret-lair, submitted on 21 Jun 2010 by xiong_chiamiov
@kureshii ryuumaru's editing sux so it doesn't matter
@kureshii then again, it's kissXsis... i dont' think people care that much for editing
@kureshii doesn't matter if your imouto seduces you in a grammatically incorrect manner, huh
#286 from #bakabt, submitted on 23 Jun 2010 by Anonymous
<Nijikokun> bigger ratio = bigger epeen
<Nijikokun> isn't that one of the messages it says?
<Rezagrats> Probably
<Rezagrats> Use !ratio enough times to find out.
<Rezagrats> !ratio a10112
<BBT> [a10112] Has 454.45 GB (Uploaded) 251.45 GB (Downloaded) and has a Ratio of 1.807 (Good to see you above 1.0).
<sungman> Oh lordy, what hath you done?
<Nijikokun> !ratio sungman
<BBT> [sungman] Has 81.84 GB (Uploaded) 44.10 GB (Downloaded) and has a Ratio of 1.856 (Higher ratio = bigger e-penor).
<Nijikokun> yep
<Nijikokun> =P
<Rezagrats> Hahaha
<sungman> Oh shit
<Rezagrats> First one. xD
#287 from #bakabt, submitted on 24 Jun 2010 by raylu
<SimplyDastardly> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYdCtIWfS0Y&feature=related ahahahahahahaha
<raylu[BOT]> SimplyDastardly's video: Hanamaru Sensation (English Version), 01:46
<SimplyDastardly> you have to watch it
<SimplyDastardly> it's so funny
<Dokuro-chan> I love that song, random person I haven't seen before
<-!- Nesc [~bloodyfin@382347D3.E74258AB.4B56A217.IP] has joined #bakabt
<Dokuro-chan> Wait
<Dokuro-chan> What the fuck
<Dokuro-chan> Goddammit
<Dokuro-chan> Why did I click on this?
<Dokuro-chan> I just saw raylu's titlebot thing
<Dokuro-chan> Jesus fucking christ
<Dokuro-chan> What the fuck am I listening to?
<SimplyDastardly> ahahahahaha
<SimplyDastardly> i know!
<SimplyDastardly> i knooowowowoww
<SimplyDastardly> it's SO funny
<SimplyDastardly> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGD-mFTY6mw&feature=PlayList&p=F1EE3B93EE906CD2&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=27
<raylu[BOT]> SimplyDastardly's video: THE MOST SUPER KAWAII-EST LUCKY STAR FANDUB EVER., 03:42
<Dokuro-chan> Why do I keep clicking on these things?
<Dokuro-chan> Who's voice is this?
<Nesc> LOL
#288 from #Wintereise, submitted on 27 Jun 2010 by Falgern
<Falgern> Wintereise, I thought otaku faggots like you were scared of other people
<Wintereise> I'm not an otaku, faggot.
<Wintereise> I don't even do anything cept for playing eroges and watching anime
#289 from #bakabt, submitted on 30 Jun 2010 by raylu
* Kitarity grabs a banana and shits it up ghost25
<ghost25> "shits it up"?
* ghost25 tentacle fucks Kitarity
<ghost25> :P
-!- Kitarity is now known as Kitarity|Female
* Kitarity|Female moans softly
* ghost25 continues
<Kitarity|Female> Wait what?
<Kitarity|Female> One sec scrolling up
<Kitarity|Female> ... tentacle fucks?
<ghost25> :D
<Kitarity|Female> What the fuck is wrong with you
<Kitarity|Female> Do continue as I proceed to cook dinner
#290 from #uguu~subs, submitted on 01 Jul 2010 by falgern
<ricowatatsu> i was saying that my penis is so tiny its more like a flat spot
#291 from Unknown, submitted on 03 Jul 2010 by Falgern
<Falgern> Where did Winterfag go.. uh i mean Wintereise
<LivingHumanoidInterface> no you mean Winterfag
<LivingHumanoidInterface> you had it right the first time
<LivingHumanoidInterface> it's an easy mistake to make so i'll let it slide this time
#292 from BakaBT Sekrit Staff Hideout, submitted on 03 Jul 2010 by Southrop
<@Southrop> germany is totally trashing argentina~
<&Force> lol
<@Southrop> that's how it should be~
<%newy> Idd
<&Force> dont say that to soon
<&Force> ;p
<%newy> Would you shut up D: you're already in the semifinals
<@Southrop> lol
<&Force> im for germany anyway butfuck ;p
<%newy> Southrop is the buttfucked :D
<@Southrop> OH U, NEWY D:
<@Southrop> I GET JOKES
<%newy> xD
#293 from Animebyt.es Wiki Student Channel, submitted on 03 Jul 2010 by Southrop
<@IPopNoStyle> I am going to go shower.
<@IPopNoStyle> Meyer: You have 5 minutes to join me.... or else....
<@IPopNoStyle> Or else I tell Megatomte what you did in his computer room.
<@IPopNoStyle> O_______O
<@IPopNoStyle> And I know what you're thinking 'How could he know that?' I was watching you....
<@IPopNoStyle> I have video of it!
<nemius> that he watches every night before bed
<@IPopNoStyle> Only a few times, but yes.
<@Meyer> OH SHI---
<@Meyer> i'm coooooming ipop~
<Southrop> that's what she said
#295 from #chalamius, submitted on 06 Jul 2010 by Southrop
<rfw> ChalamiuS stinx
<rfw> =3=
<&Chiyachan> +1
<&ChalamiuS> rfw and Chiyachan stinks twice as much -3-
<&Chiyachan> NO U
<rfw> :(
<rfw> i stink like ponies
<&Chiyachan> Stop having sex with them then.
<rfw> i can't help it
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