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#615 from #ZI, quakenet, submitted on 07 Mar 2011 by raylu
<Charizard> just bought a $100 shirt that says dry-clean only
<Charizard> challenge accepted
#617 from #anime-planet.com, submitted on 10 Mar 2011 by raylu
<Solipsism> You and your stupid indecisive 8ball
<raylu> !8s Will Solipsism turn Frosty-nee into a woman?
<Solipsism> raylu's result: I see... a midget with one arm and a peg leg... and he's saying... YES.
<Solipsism> Oh dear
<Frosty-nee> hahaha
<Frosty-nee> oh wait
<Frosty-nee> shi-
* Solipsism does it
* gecko watches in fascination
* raylu waits patiently
* saka videotapes it
* Frosty-nee wakes up after the procedure and starts crying

-!- Suru_de_Rin [~chatzilla@Rizon-EAE325A4.aircanopy.net] has joined #anime-planet.com
<raylu> also, frosty is a woman.

* Kamyu gags Frosty-nee and ties her to a bed, restraining her hands and feet.
<Frosty-nee> mmmmmmm
<Frosty-nee> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
<raylu> wow, it hasn't even been 30 minutes
<raylu> and we're already at bondage
* lynx-chan joins Kamyu

<Suru_de_Rin> I really wish I could say that you all are a extra special brand of special, I really do...
<raylu> Suru_de_Rin: we aren't?
<Suru_de_Rin> not for what these eyes have seen, no not for what these eyes can never unsee.
#618 from #anime-planet.cmo, submitted on 10 Mar 2011 by Frostbite
<+netseks> !8s Is Frosty-nee a badass?
<Solipsism> netseks's result: Hell no!
<Solipsism> D:
<Frosty-nee> !8s did you just lie about that?
<Solipsism> Frosty-nee's result: Hell no!
<Solipsism> XD
<Frosty-nee> two in a row
<Solipsism> I promise I didn't rig it
<Kamyu> !8s is solipsism gay?
<Solipsism> Kamyu's result: Yes.
<Frosty-nee> !8s are you gay?
<Solipsism> Frosty-nee's result: Hell yes!
<Kamyu> XD
<Frosty-nee> IT SPEAKS TRUTH!
#627 from #bakabt, submitted on 20 Mar 2011 by ChalamiuS
<Nubmer6> Grospoliner: My GF is demanding I go out and buy some :/
<Nubmer6> She's paranoid
<XCE> punch your gf in the face
<Nubmer6> But...
<Nubmer6> But..
<Nubmer6> If I punch her in the face...
<Nubmer6> No sex :(
<Jarudin> Nubmer6, then you're not punching hard enough? :D
<XCE> what a glorific example from our leader
#630 from #bakabt, submitted on 26 Mar 2011 by Rezagrats
<Lacey> ChalamiuS
<Lacey> dont feel bad
<Lacey> i was making toast today
<Lacey> and it popped and i jumped three feet into the air
<Rezagrats> she used a foerk
<+ChalamiuS> Lacey, I've done the opposite
<Lacey> both times i made toast too T_T
<+ChalamiuS> I turned and said "boo!" and the bread jumped
<+ChalamiuS> :D
* Lacey is soooo jumpy when tired
<Rezagrats> ahhaha
<Lacey> lol
<+ChalamiuS> That timing <3
#632 from #tsuntsun, submitted on 01 Apr 2011 by raylu
<Ambrae> When I use them, it feels like... I'm forcing the motor of an old car or something.
<Frostbite> lol
<Frostbite> well us normal people can't afford SSDs
<Ambrae> I'm poor
<Ambrae> I just chose my computer over useless stuff like food.
#633 from #bakabt, submitted on 03 Apr 2011 by f00b4r
<sucram03> [15:27] <Migs-se> I gave up on Arakawa Under The Bridge
<sucram03> wattttt
<sucram03> I don't even...
<peeaivo> ... have sex with my dog
<sucram03> but I could
<sucram03> for a price.
<peeaivo> How about 1 Internet?
#637 from BakaBT Sekrit Hideout, submitted on 06 Apr 2011 by Southrop
<@Enzedder> o.o
<@Enzedder> Nobody told me Nana to Kaoru had an OVA!
<%newy> Nana to Kaoru has an OVA
<@Chiyachan> FYI Enzedder - Nana to Kaoru has an OVA.
<+MTR> Enzie, did you hear about the Nana to Kaoru OVA? :x
<~Duki> damn...
<~Duki> I forgot to tell Enzedder that Nana to Kaoru had an OVA
#638 from Query, submitted on 06 Apr 2011 by ChalamiuS
<AltaDeSaxa> looks like MAL's caching problems are solved
<ChalamiuS> Well, enough duct tape solves everything!
<AltaDeSaxa> quite so
<ChalamiuS> Failed MySQL server has gone away
<ChalamiuS> Cool story MAL
<AltaDeSaxa> I particularly like that error message
<AltaDeSaxa> for I always imagine a server growing legs and actually walking away
#639 from BakaBT, submitted on 07 Apr 2011 by Arc-sama
<BBT> [BBT] Manga: Sperm Star (107.08 MB) (Dille) - http://bakabt.com/159110-sperm-star.html

<Iron_wofle> ...

<Arc-sama> WTH

<LeB_Blood> ahah

<Arc-sama> ok the description is funny enough that I have to DL it

<ss23> that made me rofl

<Path> And people claim hentai have no plots
<ss23> ^

<Arc-sama> I never said that

<Iron_wofle> What de shit

<Arc-sama> hmm ... its gonna take about an hour before I can see what is in that h-manga
<Arc-sama> Dille seed faster

<IX> Arc-sama wants her Sperm Star.

<Arc-sama> LOL
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