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#1103 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 29 Mar 2014 by Laus-kun
<Akerail> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage
<saras> Oh, I know what it is.
<saras> We actually built one in the lab to get a radio free zone
<saras> :D
<saras> It's fun to go inside one and see the reception for everything just die, immediately.
<kurandoinu> You have a strange idea of fun
<Akerail> Yeah :D
<Akerail> You can do the same by wrapping a tinfoil around your phone
<Akerail> I do it when I don't want people to call me... :P
<saras> I just turn it off.
<kurandoinu> You see, there's this button
<Akerail> Ah
<Akerail> I didn't think of that
#1109 from Unknown, submitted on 05 Apr 2014 by Anonymous
<f00b4r> theholyduck!
<Akerail> the duck isn't holi
<Akerail> holy
<Akerail> duki is
* Duki [~Duki3003@3003.tm] is now known as theholyduki
#1137 from #bbtgenchicha, submitted on 20 Apr 2014 by Anonymous
<+Leonhardt> so, walking 11km in 1½h after half a bottle of Vodka, DONE
<+Leonhardt> Achievement completed!
<+Leonhardt> went from Espoon lahti trough Nöykkiö to Kattilaakso trough Pisa to Saarnilaakso and then To home in Espoon Keskus
<+Akerail> Laus-kun could beat you anytime
<+Leonhardt> I bet.
<+Leonhardt> You just told me how awesome they're :3
<+Akerail> He once drank 750ml of vodka
<+Akerail> 7beers
<+Leonhardt> I'm just your standard Average joe.
<+Akerail> and 2 shots of jagermeister
<+Leonhardt> Wow, epic >_>
<+Akerail> Then he got home and his mother haven't even noticed he was drunk.
<+Leonhardt> neat.
<+Akerail> He is one hell of a drunkard though...
<+Leonhardt> Some peeps just have good heads.
<+Leonhardt> I mean, I feel drunk after 8 beers and a bottle of Vodka
<+Leonhardt> when I drink it trough 4 hrs
<+Leonhardt> and then I go to the bad
<+Leonhardt> bar*
<+Leonhardt> and I do that only 2-3 times per year
<+Akerail> Oh, laus drinks 24/7
<+Leonhardt> How does their wallet stand that?
<+Akerail> He is a dentist!
<+Leonhardt> I make sure that I pay for my own drinking max four times per year
<+Leonhardt> make others pay every other time.
<+Akerail> I think he is the kind of guy that pays for others.
<+Akerail> Don't you think so too Jaru?
<+Leonhardt> >_>
<+Jaru> what? I'm watcing a movie
<+Leonhardt> Laus-kun?
<+lostinmetro> damnit I thought 420 was on Easter Monday so I coould make #420PRAISEIT jokes
<+lostinmetro> fuck
<+Akerail> FUCK
<+Akerail> IT IS TODAY
<+Leonhardt> humm humm... Gotta meet them, have them pay for my drinking someday... .
<+Akerail> 420blazeit metro
#1139 from bbtgenchicha, submitted on 21 Apr 2014 by Akerail
<+kurandoinu> GOD DAMN IT. I can't put this sentence together without some sort of weird dirtiness
<+Akerail> What sentence :D
<+kurandoinu> When I was a kid my grandad used to spray squirty cream in our mouths
<+kurandoinu> Cleanthoughtscleanthoughs!
<+Akerail> lol
<+Akerail> okay that just sounds ultimately wrong.
<+kurandoinu> He once did it to my sister but held the button too long and it came out her nose
<+kurandoinu> She's had a bit of a fear of squirty cream since
#1166 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 16 May 2014 by Raito
<suman> hello any body plz
<suman> helo Laus-kun
<Laus-kun> talk to someone else
<Laus-kun> I'm busy
<suman> you know some body
<suman> plz
<suman> hello Raitou
<suman> can any body guide plz
<suman> wy every body is so insensitive
<suman> u have open a channel to guide ,but no one is forwarding a helping hand
<suman> r u dere to cheat us ,i asked this to every bakabt support staff
<suman> hello bakabt
<suman> r u dead
<suman> is evryone here is dead\
<suman> helloo xgraphy
<suman> hello laus-kun r u fre now
<Laus-kun> suman, read the wiki
<suman> wy r u confusing me
#1182 from #bakabt-support, submitted on 07 Jun 2014 by Laus-kun
* linuxuser (qwebirc@Rizon-96A1CDB1.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined
<linuxuser> hello
<linuxuser> well i got a warning for not seeding and i thought it was but found out that probly the cause of it was no one is downloading but im not sure can anyone help
<linuxuser> !help
<BBT> Error: Usage '!help command' - Available commands are: (commands|rules|wiki|faq|warnings|login|delete|pruned|reseeding|fixing|account|fft)
<linuxuser> thanks im new to irc
<linuxuser> !help reseeding
<BBT> Howto re-seed: http://wiki.bakabt.me/index.php/For_First_Timers#Re-seeding_Downloaded_Files_with_Different_Clients
<linuxuser> thanks
<linuxuser> that was helpful i didnt know you could do that thanks again
* linuxuser (qwebirc@Rizon-96A1CDB1.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has left

<Southrop> Wow did he just talk to a bot
<Southrop> and then thank the bot
<mianghuei> Yes he did. Yes he did.... :)
<BBT> Bots have feelings too, Southrop
#1199 from Unknown, submitted on 04 Jul 2014 by GrygrFlzr
* Lauri^^ snuggles Oreki
<Oreki> hello girl
<Oreki> er
<Oreki> i am Lauri^^
<Lauri^^> :<
<Oreki> er
<Oreki> ER
<Lauri^^> what
<Lauri^^> u wot m8
<Oreki> i must be really tired.
#1211 from #bakabt, submitted on 01 Aug 2014 by Moto-chan
* Sanctuary (cgiirc@your.mega.crush) has joined
<Sanctuary> Ok Im seeding with utorrent newest version. With that, it only goes through at speed 20kbs för a popular file. But with my seedbox exact same files I get speed 800 kb why?
<Moto-chan> Sanctuary: Because your seedbox has a better connection
<Sanctuary> better connection?
<Moto-chan> It has a faster connection
<Moto-chan> All connections are not created equally
<Sanctuary> any better answers anyone?
<Moto-chan> -_-
<Moto-chan> Are you stupid, or just trolling?
<Moto-chan> The maximum upload speed your ISP (Internet service provider) provides to you is lower than the maximum upload speed your rented seedbox is supplied.
<Moto-chan> Now go claim Sanctuary before someone kills you.
<Sanctuary> the only one whos stupid is you, cause you're interpreting everything stupid and therefore thinks other things are stupid
#1218 from #HorribleSubs, submitted on 13 Aug 2014 by Raito
<Ryuuzakii> why does the horriblesubs login message says vlc is shit?
<Raitou> because it's the truth?
<Ryuuzakii> lol
<Sakimichi> wait..i got screenshot comparison of VLC an MPC with madvr
<Raitou> goodie sakimichi, i was just searching for one aswell.
<SilverBull> i just see the comparison with my eye XD i've been blind all this time :(
<Raitou> <YouTube Link>
<Sakimichi> <link>
<Ryuuzakii> it does look better
<Raitou> "hang on, but i'm an xvid faggot."
<Sakimichi> lol xD
<Sakimichi> here's kawaii codec pack if anyones interested: <link>
<Sakimichi> here's another comparison as well
<Sakimichi> <link>
<Raitou> "Most people use VLC because they are too unintelligent to use their computers, not to mention it's probably ancient as fuck so it even has trouble playing even the newer superior format."
<Sakimichi> lol XD i can't blame them
<SilverBull> XD i love this video
<Gattix> >that “comparison”
<Gattix> >deadfish
<Sakimichi> im sorry..this was all i found in some forum
<Gattix> you know, you could just continue to use vlc
#1219 from Commie staff chan, submitted on 14 Aug 2014 by Southrop
<&skiddiks> will torn finish it before then
<&skiddiks> I wouldn't put my money on it
<&Xythar> i'd put my money in my wallet
<@archdeco> i'd put your money in my wallet
<&Xythar> just try
* archdeco puts Xythar's money in his wallet
<@archdeco> there, i tried
<&Xythar> ah, but what you thought was money...
<&Xythar> was cured ham
<@archdeco> ;_;
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